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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 31, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news, wildfires out of control in the southwest burning through dozens of homes. this one collapsing in the flames. hundreds are evacuating. we're live from the front lines of the fire zone. also breaking now, so many towns in the northeast remain cut off from civilization at this hour after irene's huge floods as the next storm churns in the atlantic. katia expected to be a hurricane today and quickly grow in size. facebook fiasco. going from a little crazy to ral total chaos. police make arrests to break up the massive pool party. what happens when social media spreads the word too far and too
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fast? and who is dancing with the stars? we'll reveal who maks will be chipping blew the waltz and derek hough is back in the ballroom. all the pairings unveiled right here, live. good morning, everyone. robin is off. great to have elizabeth vargas back. >> g gat to be h he. >> what a month for natural disasters. >> it's unbelievable. >> earthquake, hurricanes and now fires in the southwest overnight. this is a very serious situation. around dallas and oklahoma city, the flames are being fueled by drought conditions across those two states and they are nowhere near containment. >> this while they continue to evacuate people in the northeast because of floodwaters there. new questions about airline pilots and how prepared they are to handle problems in the air. is their reliance on computer
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weakening their flying skills. the pilots only fly it for three minutes of that flight. >> that's what we learned from these tapes. chilling but we're getting a lot out of it right now. exclusive new details about that vanished american woman in aruba. learning a lot more about how robyn gardner and gary giordano met for the first time. it was online and we're waiting to hear if he's going to be released this morning. that is coming up. we begin with the wildfires raging through the southwest right now, oklahoma and texas, dozens of homes have already been destroyed. hundreds more have been evacuated. colleen coyle with wfaa is right there in the fire zone. >> reporter: the flames are out of control. this home no match burning to the ground in seconds. this resort area just west of ft. worth reduced to rubble. at least 25 homes destroyed.
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nearly 200 more threatened along thousands of acres. my colleague jim douglas was in the middle of it. >> these apartments are going to clearly come to the ground. these already d there are burned foundations all around the volunteer firefighters trying to save them. >> reporter: the dense smoke so thick it is cutting off highways. >> you can't see through that stuff. and it's very scary. >> reporter: some fire crews surrounded. three dozen departments in all are fighting these fires fueled by historic drought conditions and relentless winds. on the ground and by air as residents evacuate homes before it's too late. >> we just took what we could from our home. >> you just don't have time and you think you do and you don't. >> reporter: to the north in oklahoma city, another dozen homes have been lost. several hundred more evacuated. >> we still don't know what started these fires. you see how dry that land is. >> we were saying it looked
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apocalyptic. let's check in with sam champion. right in the middle of hurricane and katia is gaining strength and might pose problems for the east coast again as others are dealing with fires. >> yes, over the next seven days we'll watch the tropics. here's katia out in the atlantic and this is set to be a category 3 hurricane by the time we get into early next week but this is tropical wave right here which could be tropical storm lee which could be a more eminent threat. watch it gain its storm strength to a category 3 strength. this five days out by thursday it would be a player that we have to watch carefully along the east coast of the u.s. but zoom in here to the gulf because this little disturbance could gain some strength over the next 48 hours and become tropical storm lee and would mean an awfully wet weekend for the coast and the models haven't caught on to lee yet but the idea is it would spin it up back into these areas that just had flooding rains and talking about
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as early as next week getting a soaking from the carolinas back up to vermont which is exactly what we don't need out of that system so we'll watch lee and coming up in a moment we'll go back into the fire situation out west. elizabeth? >> all right, sam, thanks so much. of course, hurricane irene is on track to rank as one of the top ten most expensive disasters in u.s. history. those estimates are coming in as vermont struggles to deal with the catastrophic flooding that is swamping the state and isolating whole communinies and towns and new jersey, which is still inundated with water and river levels rising. abc's dan harris is in paterson, new jersey, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the good news. the good news, most of the major rivers and creeks have now crested which means the worst is probably over. but there's bad news which as you can see from this live aerial shot from wabc, the bad news is there's still a huge mess out here. you're looking live at flooding in downtown paterson, new
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jersey, from the pay sayic river. the water has steadily gone down. still an open question as to when all the evacuaees from her can finally go home. overnight in the town of wallington, new jersey, a mandatory evacuation in some nakeds as the passaic river crested at a record high with people forced into shelters with their children and their pets. have any of you here ever seen the flooding get this bad? >> no. >> no. >> not in my lifetime. >> it's in the water. >> reporter: upriver in paterson firefighters were responding to a report of people stranded. we gave them a small camera and they captured these images in the heart of the flood zone where street signs and school buses were submerged and while that initial distress call didn't pan out, they did find some people holding out on the
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evacuation orders. >> are you sure you don't want to get out, huh? >> reporter: they finally managed to convince this man who became ultimately enthusiastic. >> ♪ don't rock the boat baby >> reporter: pleasant ride for that guy. there are a lot of dangers. see that bubbling back there. that is a burst manhole cover. you can get sucked down in there and happened to a man in survive. jersey and he did not >> thanks very much. we'll move to new security alerts surrounding the tenth anniversary of september 11th now two week as way. officials are concerned that al qaeda willll make good on osama bin laden's wish for a spectacular attack to mark the anniversary and now new warnings from the commission that investigated the original attacks. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross joins us with more and they're concerned many of their original recommendations have been ignored. >> reporter: at least nine of them. ten years later the 9/11 commission report card released
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this morning by the bipartisan policy center includes very few "ath," lot anniversary "cs" and two significant "fs." not yet safe. despite billions of dollars spent on aviation security, the report found the u.s. still cannot reliably detect explosives that could bring down a plane. we are still highly vulnerable to aviation security threat, the report concludes. >> we have not got it right yet. >> reporter: governor tom kean was the chairman, the panel set up ways to prevent another terror attack. the failure to detect explosives is one of nine unfinished recommendations of the commission cited in the report card out this morning. >> some of these recommendations get an "f." >> reporter: there is no perfect technology. the former tsa director says by inspecting passengers' shoes and
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restricting the amount of liquid on board is to make sure no bomb is big enough to bring down a plane. >> you don't want a bomb going off and injuring people on a plane but you do not want to let them bring a bomb that will catastrophically destroy a plane. >> reporter: also the failure to remedy the communications breakdown that occurred on september 11th when police and fire units in new york were on different radio frequencies and could not talk to each other. >> you're breaking up and tying up the frequency. go to another radio. >> people died because of that. >> reporter: congress is to blame says governor kean for failing to get new broadcasting -- >> every day it isn't done the american people are less safe. >> reporter: they do praise the work of the fbi andsy for finally working together which he says led to the disruption of many plots and killing of
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terrorist operatives. a hijacking plot similar to 9/11 is highly unlike but they say there remain far too many vulnerabilities. >> we know that's what al qaeda is trying to do. >> that's where they're aiming right now and that's of greatest concern. >> thanks so much. to a new study raising the alarm about whether pilots flying your airplane are ready to handle an emergency. the faa says many pilots are relying too much on automated flight controls. jim sciutto has more from reagan national airport on what you need to know. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. you know, the technology has gotten so good that today pilots really only take the controls for takeoff and landing and while generally that's made flying safer what the report found is it may be weakening their ability to respond when the computers fail. as air france flight 447 soared through powerful storms over the atlantic, the plane's autopilot suddenly disengaged and a stall warning activated. the senior co-pilot saying,
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what's happening? i don't know. i don't know what's happening. they pulled the plane's nose up. when the correct procedure during a stall is the exact opposite, nose down, climb, climb, climb, climb, said the co-pilot before the captain interrupted, no, no, no, don't climb. the plane slammed into the ocean killing all 228 on board. the air france crash is 1 of 51 so-called loss of control accidents over the last five years. the new study found that in two-thirds of such accidents pilots had trouble manually flying the plane or made mistaked with automated flight controls. >> are pilots too dependent. >> they can get rusty if they don't go back and manipulate the controls of that airplane once in a while so they can see how it flies. >> reporter: fatal accidents in dramatically in the past decade but hundreds have died in loss of control accidents. [ sirens ]
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>> reporter: 2009, near buffalo, new york, the pilots of a colgan air flight incorrectly entered data into the computer and worsened a stall. the plane crashed killing 50. two weeks later a turkish airways flight crashed in amsterdam killing nine. investigators describe the three pilots' surprise when they discovered the plane was about to stall. >> you still have to have the living, breathing pilot there to make sure that that airplane is operating as safely as possible. >> reporter: airlines, regulators discourage or prohibit them from turning off the autopilot in some circumstances and one thing this report recommends is that pilots be allowed to take the controls more often so they can respond quickly when there are problems. >> all right, jim, thanks so much. joining me now is abc news aviation consultant john nance. i know everybody knows there is an autopilot. most would be surprised to know the pilot only flies the plane
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for a minute and a halfle during takeoff and while landing. three minutes total. any wonder they get rusty? >> no, no wonder at all. we thought we solved it in 1987 when the 767 came out and got that advice, plug up the autopilot, don't turn it off until you're on the ground and found people were getting rusty. this is back to the future. we can't get that a situation where the human pilot is not capable of handling the airplane. that's what we're there for. >> in the air france crash that went down killing 228, the plane would have been just fine had the pilots just maintained air speed and altitude instead of getting confused and making mistakes. why haven't the airlines insisted that these pilots go back for mapd periodic training so they know how to properly respond? >> when aviation is confronted with something new, very often they don't move fast enough because they're a little afraid of changing anything but in this case we've got to change. that was a terrible, terrible
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accident to look at because they could have easily flown out of it just as you said and went three minutes going to the water, not being able to figure what was going on because the piles were pts properly trained. this is a training issue and the airlines are going to have to get on board immediately. >> how serious is this for the flying public? >> it is not terribly serious at the moment but if action isn't taken it will become more serious over time. we can't have any accidents like this and unfortunately we've had too many. >> john nance, thanks so much for giving us perspective on this. george, as we know the trend is toward more automation and we'll see more reliance on it. time to check in with josh elliott and the morning headlines. >> good morning to all of you. we begin with president obama's plan to get americans back to work. abc news has learned that the plan which he will announce next week will include tax credits for companies that hire new workers. as much as $5,000 for new hires, in addition to new assistance for the long-term unemployed.
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the plan will also include special funding for road and school projects. also this morning an independent commission is calling for a complete overhaul of u.s. wartime spending. the commission's report finds some $60 billion has just gone down the drain, lost to waste and fraud in iraq and afghanistan. the panel blames lax oversight of contracts, poor planning and corruption. one of the army's most accomplished commanders is hanging up the uniform. general david petraeus best known for his success with counterinsurgents will take his skills into the new job, head of the cia. federal regulators have come down hard on one of the nation's largest gas companies and blame pg&e's chronic mismanagement for that gas pipeline explosion in san francisco last september. it killed eight people and leveled 38 homes.s. and finally, it's been called perhaps the best day of surfing ever. take a look at this.
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this is in tahiti. this is a place called chopu. this is thought to be arguably the world's most dangerous wave. it jackknives up on a reef. these waves peaking at over 25 feet. >> what happened to the guy who is like in there? >> you hope they get out. it was described byy one very experienced professional surfer as more like surfing tsunamis. they sent a code red up and said everybody no matter how good you are get out of the water. >> still looks like you want to try it. >> i do. i do. as soon as i kill this sparrow that is masquerading as a fly. >> just went away. sam, bring us some weather. >> all right. 12 states have fi watches or warnings out there, 4 42 large fires burning and oklahoma and texas had their warmest summer ever since we've been keeping records since 1985, '95, someplace in there.
7:17 am
the driest situation out here since dust bowl days and combined with systems moving through and all those fires kicking up. here's where you've got gorgeous numbers into the northeast. 82 in buffalo, 77 in burlington, boston at 80 degrees. new york city at 85. washington at 85 degrees today. gorgeous, gorgeous across most of the country. yeah, a little cooler in the northwe northwest.
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>> what's that? what's this? >> george and elizabeth, that's snow in montana actually. 1 to 3 inches of snow already at about 6,500 feet. >> what? >> yeah. >> josh has brutalized a bee and everybody cheered. >> it's a fly. it's a fly. >> we do want to bring you more on the story we brought you yesterday. take a look at this x-ray again. >> turn away. turn away if you're eating
7:19 am
breakfast. >> no, but this is incredible because the man survived. he is speaking out for the first time. >> in fact, the guy who fell on those shears isn't just speaking out he's actually laughing about it all. take a look. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: 86-year-old leroy luetscher is now the picture of health, a big improvement from this. >> this was excruciating, i can't tell you how much it hurt. >> reporter: last month he was trimming plants in his garden when he dropped his pruning shears reaching down to pick them up he lost his balance falling face first on the handle sending it right through his eye socket and lodging it in his head. >> sort of pulled on it and it seemed real solid so i just left it alone and realized that it was the clipper. >> reporter: he was rushed to tucson's university medical center to the same surgeons who saved the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. luetscher showed up like this.
7:20 am
>> we were able to loosen it up where we could slide it off carefully and he just did beautifully. >> reporter: the shears miraculously missing his eyeball, brain and arteries. >> he's very lucky. >> reporter: the wisconsin native retired to arizona years ago and by his side through all of this, his girlfriend, arpie. >> i was just thinking of him trying to do the best i that could for him. >> reporter: luetscher is thankful for the care that saved his life. >> it's just amazing. >> reporter: but says his gardening days are likely over. he's going to neednother surgery to repair blurred vision. i'd argue he got away good. >> 86 years old. >> he looks great. good for him. thanks so much. coming up on "gma," startling new details about the disappearance of robyn gardner in aruba. shocking claims by friends and family about her lifestyle and why the prime suspect could go free this morning. and the pool party that went
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar ants forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. #:26. -- 7:26. what a nice morning and cool as well. 58 in baltimore. 59 easton. ocean city down to 55. 5 # in york, p.a.a few clouds
7:27 am
skirting through and more back north and west. more sunshine around the bay. and a good looking day that may feature a few more high cloud but we will call it beautiful. 849 two degree guaranteed high. slipping back to 58 overnight under clear skies we could see patchy cloud. enjoy it because we will have clouds and rain arriving by the weekend. tannia. >> reporter: we have -- tanya. >> reporter: low traffic -- slow traffic harford to york road top side and northwest side 695 at liberty road. the outer loop is slowing down with some volume that's to the left of the screen. and inner loop is mock well. outer loop is slow to edmonton. 95 southbound at fort mchenry tunnel we have a broken down car in the middle somewhere. we have the volume though. now with the local news here's charley. >> friday, maybe saturday is when bge he can expect everyone to have power back. there's more than 150,000 customers in the dark. mostly in baltimore county. 'arundel county is next on the list and bq.
7:28 am
-- bge crews have crews work around the clock in an effort to have everyone's power restored by the weekend. 300 linemen and staff are reporting in right now and will joy crews as quickly as possible. time to head back to new york for more of "good morning america. we are back with traffic and weather in about 25 minutes. have a great day.
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♪ party rock is in the house tonight everybody just have a good time ♪ >> here's what happens when you throw a party and everyone comes and then a whole lot more people come, as well. look at this. it happened in colorado. the posting went on facebook and it got totally out of control. the police started to come. there were arrests all over the place. it almost turned into a riot and it's happening more and more. >> it is. as the word goes out. in the olden days when we went to college we would use tin cans. >> but everybody would still come to your parties. >> at any rate, good morning, america. robin is enjoying a day off. good to be with you. a story that is hard to believe. a father through his
7:31 am
seven-year-old boy overboard on a sightseeing cruise boat. passengers gasp and call 911. we will hear those calls and the father's explanation for what he says happened. >> he says he was justlaying around and his girlfriend is actually defending him on that. big news on "dancing with the stars." more news. derek hough, has gotten the trophy three different times, coming back to the ballroom for this season. we'll reveal live -- >> he's got the winning touch. >> all that coming up on "dancing with the stars" in just a little bit. but we do begin with exclusive new reporting on robyn gardner's disappearance in aruba. hearing more about her lifestyle and some pretty shocking claims from her own friends and family. ashleigh banfield traveled to aruba and joins us with the latest. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: good morning, george. this could be a very big day for gary giordano. he could find out later if his month-long stay on this island paradise is going to come to an end. prosecutors, if they have have
7:32 am
enough evidence, will keep him here for an additional 60 days. abc news have seen witness document, witness statements this time from robyn gardner's family. abc news has learned new details about the couple's relationship before their trip to aruba. a friend told investigators that robyn and giordano met about a year ago on adultfriendfinder, a site that describes itself as the world's largest sex and swinger personals community. she told authorities the two even planned to go on a cruise together earlier this year but that garden backed out because giordano as exhibiting scary behavior and the friend told authorities gardner refused her suggestions to cut fights with giordano and was surprised she decided to travel with him to aruba. abc news has also learned that aruban investigators searching this hotel room where gardner and giordano stayed found a bottle of ambien, the sleep medication prescribed to robyn gardner. giordano told police he saw
7:33 am
gardner take a sleeping pill the afternoon she went snorkeling and gardner never returned. >> it would potentially put you in a more vulnerable situation in the water to combine ambien and alcohol. >> reporter: witnesses near the beach and saw her before she disappeared reported that she seemed drunk and abc news has now learned that a friend and a family member of the 35-year-old were concerned about her alcohol consumption before she went to aruba. that family member telling police she was close to confronting gardner about her excessive drinking calling her a sneaky drinker. >> with new information about the potentially robyn gardner had a drinking problem, certainly tell us more about her as an individual. >> reporter: throughout all of this her boyfriend back home insists that the only thing that matters is that she is found. >> i miss her and i love her terribly and that doesn't change. no matter what. >> reporter: he says his last
7:34 am
nun indication from gardner was hours before she disappeared. a text saying "i love you, i care about you. we'll sort this out when i get back." and i can tell you this, gary giordano spent the better part of five hours at the police station last evening, part of those daily interrogations he's been undergoing although the police have said he's been very unhelpful for the last three weeks but all this might be behind him. it all depends on what a judge says later today. that hearing is scheduled to go ahead. we'll let you know. >> ashleiei coming to us from skype this morning. >> to the soaring comeback for nfl quarterback michael vick. just a couple of years ago he hit bottom, bankrupt and in prison for promoting dogfighting. vick was one of the most reviled men in america. now he's got philadelphia eagles fans cheering and yesterday the team signed him to a six-year, $100 million contract. abc's bob woodruff has spent some time with vick and looks
7:35 am
like a case e ere he really made an effort at trying to turn around his image going out and talking to kids about animal violence and cruelty to animals and how not to engage in that and paid off for him. >> he has changed in that way and had this happen. ten years ago he was number one in the draft picked by the atlanta falcons then he almost ruined it all by abusing dogs for entertainment. some fans wanted him back. others hoped he would not but he has for huge money. for eagles star michael vick what a difference two years makes. >> i've learned a lot of lesson, some the hard way. >> reporter: the comeback of all comebacks for this quarterback. on tuesday the eagles signed him do a six-year, $100 million contract making him the third highest paid player in the nfl. but it was a long road to redemption. >> this is the kind of thing that most of us never expected to see.
7:36 am
>> reporter: in 2007 he had everything, that is, of course, until he was convicted of felony dogfighting charges. after 18 months in prison he lost his job and his millions in endorsement deals leading him to file chapter 11 bankruptcy but now vick has bounced back in a way that many never thought possible. espn's sal paolantonio caught up with him moments afterward. >> reporter: what i sense is humility in your voice rather than excitement. >> i'm just thankful because i never knew this point would come in my life and i truly believe they like me as a person and football player. >> reporter: i spoke with him last year and reflected on some of his mistakes. >> i was blessed with so much and took it for granted. >> reporter: did you assume your nfl career was over? >> well, at the time my nfl career was over. >> reporter: but after the best professional season of his life, vick re-enters the arena as a
7:37 am
new man with a new image. >> michael vick did that ultimate story of redemption. a man who seems contrite, who paid the price and now is back and he's winning. >> reporter: now with that $100 million deal, he can start paying back his $19 million debt which he still owes to the creditors because of this bankruptcy. >> all right. thank you so much, bob. let's check in now with sam champion with more on the weather, the flooding from irene and, sam, the governor of new jersey called it a scene of extraordinary despair when he toured the flooded areas yesterday. >> wait till you see the pictures. wabc, number one in new york, by the way, is all over this story but that's paterson, knowledge, look at the water everywhere through that town looking at the news copter 7 is flying around, so much water, small rivers have become these rushing gorges of water and we still have about eight river gauges at moderate to major flooding from this. some of the flooding along the passaic river won't go below
7:38 am
flood stage friday into saturday and horrible for those folks. on the west coast cooler temperatures along the shoreline getting the ocean influence. even places like l.a. at 75 degrees, san francisco at 67, crescent city of 64. inland, though, those numbers are comfortably warm. >> all of that weather brought to you by big lots. elizabeth, george. >> thanks so much. what happens if you threw a party and everyone came? the facebook post that turned a back-to-school party into total chaos. see it next. ♪ party rock ♪
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♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ >> we first told you about this massive pool party. ♪ everybody have a good time
7:43 am
>> we told you about this out in colorado yesterday. it became a lot bigger and a lot more wilder than anyone expected after an open invitation was posted on facebook. that's hapapning all the time now and as abc's clayton sandell found out the phenomenon is getting the attention of law enforcement too. >> reporter: take a look at this massive pool party complete with a deejay and what appears to be a professional crew on site to capture the craziness. this is what happens when -- >> this is the biggest party in my entire life. >> reporter: fun plus facebook equals total fiasco. the managers at this apartment complex near colorado state university threw a back-to-school pool party and promoted it on facebook. organizers say they took security precautions but police estimate at least 2,000 people showed up. the party went out of control. >> one woman was hit in the face with a bottle and was like gushing blood. >> reporter: four arrested including two star football players.
7:44 am
ten people went to the hospital. >> you'll be subject to arrest. >> reporter: party planners are quickly discovering the perils of publicity in the realm of social facebook. deejay kaskade invited 100,000 followers to a block party. a near riot broke out. the lapd fired rubber bullets to break up the crowd. in germany 1,600 facebook friends showed up to a party at this house after a 15-year-old girl invited everybody and in sydney, australia, another girl had her facebook invitation hacked. after more than 100,000 rsvp'd yes, the party was canceled. so we decided to search facebook for sweet 16 party invitation, we got dozens of results and if the organizers of these pears don't set them to private anyone can find out when the party is and where. many police departments are now scouring websites looking for trouble before it starts so be warned. the next party crashers may be
7:45 am
the cops. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> well, you can't really blame them after a scene like that. >> that doesn't even look like fun. maybe i'm showing my age or something but a pool that packed with people. >> i don't know. denise back in the control room thinks it looked like a lot of fun. can it make you smarter, faster and stronger. john berman went inside to find out. good morning! ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better alalday.
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the u.s. open now under way tennis pros doing everything they can to get the extra edge and world's number one player admitted he tried an unusual training method. john berman takes a look at the pursuit of -- george, i'm sorry, e eggcellence.
7:50 am
>> reporter: need a good way to get onstage at the diagram he's? try a big giant egg like lady gaga. need to get from planet ork to earth? try a big giant egg like mork from "mork & mindy." >> nanoo nanoo. >> reporter: need help getting in shape for a grand slam? try a big giant egg like world number one tennis player novak djokovic. he's the latest athlete to use the cvac pod, which looks a heck of a lot like a big, giant egg. its makers say it simulates training at high altitude. >> the changes in the oxygen level in the blood that are very similar to very effective forms of exercise. >> reporter: in a pressurized chamber, it uses a valve and vacuum pump to stimulate muscles. >> athletes that have a greater ability to deliver oxygen to their tissue are going to have a tremendous benefit in terms of their athletic performance and in terms of their ability to recover. >> reporter: it has some big-time enthusiasts including rock star axl rose from guns n' roses. he finds it takes him to a fitness paradise city. ♪ take me home
7:51 am
>> reporter: the company thinks it has health and medicinal benefits for everyone. egg me. do you think this will make me a better reporter? it does make your ears pop. most athletes spend about 20 minutes inside a few times a week. novak djokovic says he's not using it now. and as for me, i'm ready for a grand slam or a trip to oror or both. john berman, abc news, new york. >> fun with graphics. >> on fire when he comes back. >> speaking of the u.s. open, under way, espn2, >> best tennis tournament in the world. >> coming up, lara is going to the dollar store but it was called the 99 cent store.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
now "maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. and we are just before #:00 here -- 8:00 here and that edgemere number we can toss out. it's really nice. everybody else here at 66 in rock hall. and that's probably legitimate.
7:57 am
annapolis 62. 59 in reisterstown. the way we go today we will have a mostly sunny sky. it's going consider -- it's going to be beautiful a few high clouds at times. 84. tonight we will stagger back down to the upper 50s and mid- 60s in the city and down by the bay. but there could be patchy fog. temperatures in the lower 80as few more afternoon clouds and better chance of showers starting to develop afternoon thunderstorms on saturday and unfortunately sunday for the grand prix could be wet and storms continue on labor day monday. tanya. >> >> reporter: we are slowing down and more people going out on the roads. outer loop slow and harford to york. looking at the beltway at liberty road. we have a little bit of traffic here on the outer loop to the left of your screen. inner loop is moving well. look at the jfx at northern parkway. we have stop and go traffic southbound to the right of the screen. let's see how it looks at coldspring lane. this is volume still slow here.
7:58 am
we don't have word of accidents as you head downtown. this is what it looks like from the 41st street overpass. slow 95 southbound at white marsh. now back to "good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ playing the theme to "dancing with the stars" ] [ cheers and applause ] >> feels a little like fall out there in times square this morning. the crowd is loving it and look at that cast. "dancing with the stars," the dancers for the new season the we told you about that yesterday but today you are going to learn here and only here on "gma" who those celebrities will be paired with. all the professional dancers pairings coming right up. >> some of these pros are -- have winning streaks that are long. >> derek hough, three times. >> three-time champion. >> he's coming back this year. >> they're all so fantastic. you'd be lucky to have any one of them. good morning, america. robin is enjoying a day off. i'm elizabeth vargas.
8:01 am
we'll have, a big rage, dollar store nation. dollar discount stores. all the rage across the country. but what are the dos and don'ts in dollar stores to save you the most? our very own hard core bargain shopper lara is going to bring us the secrets of what to do, what ott to put on your list and who not to bring with you. >> yes, well, there is that. we'll get into all that have coming up. we also have a story about families and parenting. a little boy's family was just fine with his loving pink and playing with barbies then he told them he didn't want to be a boy anymore. he wanted to live life as a girl. so can a 10-year-old really make such a huge decision? surprise you.nt dis will really really interesting story. first though josh, some news. >> yes, indeed so let's get right to it. we'll begin with a very intense firefight in northern texas and residents have been forced to evacuate.
8:02 am
at least 25 homes in texas have been destroyed. about a dozen in oklahoma city. the flames are being fueled by relentless winds during what has been a historic drought there. and here in the northeast new fears in the wake of hurricane irene, rivers rising dangerously high, so much so that new jersey has ordered a new round of evacuations and people in more than a dozen towns are still stranded by floodwaters there in vermont, where abc's linsey davis joins us live and, linsey, that is a remarkable scene that you are standing in the middle of. >> reporter: yeah, remarkable may be a bit of an understatement but good morning to you, josh and good morning to you at home. i want to you imagine for a moment that this is your house and this is the condition of the road that you used to get to and from your house and several hundred feet behind me, that road is washed out too. according to officials, there are 13 towns this this tate that you can only get in and out of right now by helicopter. take a look at this.
8:03 am
one of the state's major arteries now cracked like an egg shell for several hundred feet. making getting from point "a" to point "b" virtually impossible and leaving thousands stranded including those in killington, a popular ski destination. when jessica horton was cut off from her house she built herself a bridge. >> somebody else's house had been ripped off the embankment and came down the river and so we used their floorboards to make a bridge to get across the river. >> so we've been driving all over the state of vermont. you have an estimated 250 roads closed and 30 bridges all due to the floodwaters that followed hurricane irene. this is not an unfamiliar sight. these orange cones here. but this is, to this extreme, look at this, the road just ends. this woman in benington, vermont is so worried she is now hoarding water. >> i am prepared and have drinking water. water, water everywhere.
8:04 am
and it's all contaminated. >> reporter: and it's easy to see what happened when floodwaters rush add cross roadways like this, the weight of the water was simply too much causing the roads to collapse. so now the big concern is if you happen to live in a house like this, what do you do in the event of an emergency? >> absolutely remarkable stuff. again, linsey davis there on the scene in vermont bringing us pictures of that destruction brought by hurricane irene and meanwhile, ten years after the september 11th attacks national security is full of gaps. the latest report card says failing grades to the tsa are deserving saying the u.s. still has no reliable way to detect explosives, powerful enough to bring down planes. commissioners also found communication breakdowns still exist between police and firefighters and other agencies. the infant mortality rate in this country, researchers say babies born in 40 different
8:05 am
foreign countries now have a better chance at survival than american born babies, even those born in malaysia and cuba have higher survival rates. doctors say the u.s. isn't keeping pace with the progress made in other countries. this morning the dad accused of throwing his son overboard on a cruise in california says that it was just horseplay. sloane briles denies trying to kill his 7-year-old son and talked about it with his son and thought it would be fun, but passengers on the boat who called 911 say the father and son were fighting and briles threatened the boy. >> sheriff's department. >> i'm on a boat tour called "the queen" and there's a man that just threw his son overboard. >> they're letting the father on the boat and he's drunk and violent. >> okay, and how old was the child? >> the kids -- he's like 8 or 9 or 10 and he a's fine and he's on another boat with these kids -- oh, my god. this guy is a jerk.
8:06 am
>> briles was charged with chihi endangerment and resisting arrest. he's been released afterer postg bail. again, as we heard, the boy was okay, difference of opinion at the very least about what happened. >> i don't know. >> you shouldn't throw a kid off the boat. >> hard trying to find the good side of this. >> doesn't work for me. >> okay. >> let's go to lara, "pop news heat index." nice honor ed o'neil. >> so glad you mentioned that i want to get things started, sty given a well deserved star on the hollywood walk of fame. in a nod to his iconic '80s character his star smack in front of a shoe store. his tv wife was there to celebrate him at the ceremony. not a bad year for the man named bundy. ed just got a long overdue emmy
8:07 am
nomination and i do believe his first ever. so congratulations andood luck on that. how does that justin timberlake song go "cry me a river" appears to be no more tears for him or his former girlfriend jessica biel who might be his current girlfriend again bringing sexy back where they've been spotted biking and brunching together. and, okay, in the world of celebrity hairstyles that everyone wants many moons ago there was a dorothy hamill and don't say you didn't have it, elizabeth. there's a palin. let's just call it what it is, it's the bachmann and everybody wants it, the presidential candidate, the republican presidential candidate is the heir apparent for the next big trend setter title thanks to her sleek, copper streaked tresses. her hairstylist won't reveal goes into the secret do but salons are doing their best to
8:08 am
figure it out. whetherer politicss are your cup of tea, it doesn't matter there is a nonpartisan demand for the bachmann bob. and finally, the new runway for moms. this is a hot new trend. no more sweats to pick up little johnny, warmer moms now dressing up even wearing makeup, getting their hair done to go to their kids' schools. in fact, a recent survey in london of over 2,000 moms showed it's become a priority for them to look put together at pickup. the stylish school drop-off trend being credited to former supermodel elle macpherson who has been shot several times looking downright runway ready at her kids' elementary school. does anybody else think it's a coincidence every male teacher in that school volunteers for pickup duty? i'm just -- >> when i take my kids to school i think i still have toothpaste on my jacket. >> a lot of pressure. >> the war zone over here. >> anyway, the weather and sam
8:09 am
champion. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, everybody. it's carolyn. is it carolyn from wisconsin? >> yeah, she's just kind of working the ipad so we're hanging out. by the way, josh, can you hear me? is there a camera anywhere near you. i want to know why is there a camel? why, why is there a camel in times square. >> here we go the tease of all time. america at some point in the next hour, i'm going to be riding a camel. [ cheers and applause ] >> who knew. oh, yeah, but i'm going to make yoyoearn it. you got to stick around. it's going to happen sometime in the next hour. >> okay, all right. >> i know i'll stiti around. >> i'm not kidding. there is a camming in times square. let's get to the boards. we're having the best time in television and in my ear all i hear from the bosses we've got to go. to the boards. we want to talk about things going on. a live shot from houston and right into the houston five-day. here's some encouraging news for houston as the temperature below the 100-degree mark but still stays into the 90s so take a
8:10 am
look at friday into saturday and sunday dropping into the 90s. we see a series of cold fronts coming down that could actually break this heat dome by the time we get too far into a week and a half but the heat for the short future moves rye up into the middle of the country. >> and we are live in times square with a little household tip, we might want to remove the carpeting because camel is one of those stains that is just difficult to get out.
8:11 am
>> wow. thank you, sam. that was a great toss. very comfortable. here's what's coming up ahead on your "gma morning menu" what would you do if your 10-year-old boy told you he'd rather be a girl? the family that faced that question and answered it in a way that will surprise you. i'm going to show you the money at the dollar store. when spending a few extra pennies will be the real bargain. we'll show you how. your burning "dancing with the stars" questions all answered when we reveal live right here who the stars are pairing up with only on "gma." [ male announcer ] the network -- a living, breathing intelligence
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8:16 am
is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve. we are about to meet a family dealing with a very modern and difficult dilemma. their little boy from the time he was a toddler seemed much more settled and happier as a girl. "nightline"'s cynthia mcfadden sat down with them for a special "primetime nightline" airing tonight. >> it's a fascinating problem these families were wonderful to let them into their lives. the question, what happens when boys will be boys doesn't apply but instead you can say boys will be girls. we met a family who went on quite a journey when they had a son called jack who wanted more than anything to be a daughter named jackie. >> okay, let's take a picture of jack. >> reporter: he was a beautiful, healthy baby boy.
8:17 am
his parents john and jennifer already had a daughter when little jack came along ten years ago. his proud father excited by all the things a boy and his dad could do together. >> just like any father i was looking forward to raising a boy and doing all the things that fathers and sons do, throwing the ball around and going fishing, things like that. >> reporter: but those dreams quickly faded away. jack and his family live in a small town in rural ohio. a place long on family values and tradition. but when jack was just 18 months old, it became clear he was anything but traditional. >> never anything that a boy would be interested in. it was always dancing, dress up. my boy was always in sparkles and pretty shoes and i tried to get outfits for boys too, the fireman, the g.i. joe, we had superhero costumes.
8:18 am
never enwanted to put those on. >> reporter: he adored the color pink and loved dancing in ballerina outfits and trying on frilly sparkling tutus. at birthday parties jack lit up when he received brand-new barbie dolls. >> barbie. >> reporter: but tossed aside the toy truck. his sister sagan was the first to ask the question. >> i remember me asking her when we were little, i said, jackie, do you really want to be a girl and she said, yeah. >> the thought had crossed our mind that jackie may be gay and we were both okay with that. we didn't have any problem. >> i think jackie was 2 1/2 to 3 and i was looking online and i found out what transgendered was at that time and it was like, i wonder. >> reporter: in elementary school life was already getting tough. >> jack would get teased by other kids at school and call him gay boy. >> reporter: finally a week after turning 10 years old jack with tears in his eyes said to his mother he had something he had to tell her.
8:19 am
>> what is it? i don't know. it's not easy. i have to tell you something. fine, okay. tell me what you want to say. he says, i'm a girl and i can't do this anymore. so i just -- you know -- >> reporter: what did you say? >> i just said it's going to be okay. >> reporter: at first they let jack dress up in girls' clothes at home but still sent him to school as a boy but every day became a battle until his parents at a crossroads made one of the toughest decisions of their lives to let their son live as a girl. you don't use a pronoun he anymore. you've adopted -- you've abandoned it >> that's right. >> right. >> reporter: so when someone you don't know says how many children do you have? you say -- >> now i say i have two daughters. >> reporter: jack has now become jackie and when i met her she
8:20 am
seemed like a normal happy 10-year-old girl. this is your room, huh? >> yes. >> reporter: oh, that's cute. this is your dress. do you feel good in it. >> yeah. >> reporter: a room full of pink. no traces of her old life as a boy. >> i don't feel like we ever truly had a son. we had a daughter that was unfortunately born in the wrong body. >> miranda likes him. >> reporter: her parents say jackie has more play dates now than ever before. but some in the family still have reservations. >> i cannot fess up to the 9-year-old or 10-year-old can make decisions for himself or herself that will be life-lasting. >> by, grandma,, grand >> i knew i was a boy when i was 2 years old. everybody knows what gender they are at a very early age. >> bye-bye.
8:21 am
>> reporter: everyone knows the road ahead will still be a difficult one. are there still things that go through your head that make you worried, sad? >> one of the biggest worries is will jackie find a mate, find someone to love? >> i worry about that too and i worry she might be discriminated in a workplace. >> reporter: when you look in the mirror, who do you see. >> a girl that's a person. >> reporter: you see a girl that's a person? >> yeah. >> ah, jackie. tonight her parents deal with the complicated issues, george, that emerges as she heads towards puberty. whether it should actually be blocked. >> a difficult decision ahead. fascinating stuff. a lot more tonight, "primetime night line." "my extraordinary family" airs at 10:00, 9:00 central. many a segment your paul let love, show me the money. we have become a dollar store
8:22 am
nation. seems how much we earn we all want to save it. and it used to be the dollar stores weren't exactly known for quality goods, but especially now that is changing. and more and more people are discovering incredible savings to be found at dollar stores, so much so that it is one of the few sectors of the retail economy that's actually growing. your neighborhood dollar store, a great place for a good price on certain things. i'm having candy and finding bargains but in a time when every penny counts, we met up with farnoosh who showed us how to navigate 99 cent stores. i can't even talk to you right now. go. with everything from cleaning supplies to baby clothes to food items, the dollar store is no longer just a place to find kind of weird knickknacks and surplus goods, in fact, it should be the first stop for any shopper looking for serious savings. >> dollar stores have learned
8:23 am
how to run their stores lean and mean. not a lot of employees, they maximize their space and don't spend a lot on marketing and as a result can pass on their savings to the consumer. >> reporter: and real deals are everywhere. >> this is gum that normally goes for 35 cents each. you're getting four, which is more than a dollar. >> i can do that math. >> but it's only a dollar at the dollar store so buy a few of those. >> reporter: 300 pony tail holders for a dollar. six soft toothbrushes look like the fancy brand, $1. i'm getting two because i know you, my kids. the dollar store might be more than $1 but it's still a good value. in fact, some of the best prices are on products that every household needs. four sponges for 1.75. they're $2.59 at the local drugstore. a birthday card for a dollar. elsewhere, sold for $3.49 and even snack chips for $1.50. they're twice as much at the drugstore.
8:24 am
>> toothpaste, $1. >> reporter: beauty and grooming items are ideal. even over the counter drugs can be a real bargain at stores like this family dollar in new york. but farnoosh says it is important to read the label. >> check the back. check for ingredients and expiration dates and proper nutrients, if they're vitamins. >> reporter: it's not just about checking ingredients for peace of mind. sometimes the deal isn't the deal it is meant to be. >> make sure they're made with lithium as opposed to carbon zinc. not as superior an ingredient. don't last as long maybe due to leakage. one of the best kept secrets of dollar store change, they carry many of the same national brands found in your grocery store or big box retailer. >> this one is a 150 fluid ounce
8:25 am
vat of tide for 20 bucks and i've seen this for $24 in the big box retailers. >> reporter: who knew dollar stores honor manufacturer's coupons? it's savings on top of savings. >> manufacturer's coupon plus buying it at the dollar store, discount, discount, discount. >> reporter: don't let it lure you into buying multiples. the best tip, don't get carried away. >> just because it's a dollar doesn't mean it's a deal. if it's not something you need or even want, forget about it. >> reporter: i feel like i should buy a bunch. >> come to the dollar store with a mission. don't let it consume you. dollar store shopping is exhausting. >> it's very hard to behave, i will tell you. the deals are so good. the best piece of advice i got don't bring your kids because they will be like i -- >> want this and this and this and this. there are things can you get there that are good deals, the paper products and seasonal products. >> a great piece of advice that
8:26 am
farnoosh gave me, look for the ul label on electronics. an independent safety organization. if you don't see it on the back it means it hasn't been checked and we did find four things there that didn't have it and buyer beware. >> give us an example. >> i got these $1.50 at dollar store and they were triple the price at a local drugstore. really good deals to be found on healthy stuff too. not the snacks. >> be right back.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 8:27. 64 degrees is the common number. baltimore ocean city delmarva. and you are back in the 50s north and west. what a gorgeous start to the day. and while we have had high cloud mixed in, we have a good look at blue skies this morning and clouds back to the west and the showers and the wide screen you can see in indiana pushing into western ohio may provide high clouds but we stay dry and call it mostly sunny butte fall high of 84 two degree guarantee with tonight's low dipping back to 58. could be fog at daybreak and we are looking at the ref of the week low to mid-80s with afternoon clouds and the chance of showers and storms over the holiday weekend. tanya. >> reporter: we have a report of an accident on out aer loop
8:28 am
at baltimore national pike. it's over on the right shoulder. traffic is slow and there are delays but it's moving. let's look at the outer loop at liberty road. we have delays here on the outer loop to the left of the screen. harford road, outer loop at harford there is an accident there that will be slow to york road. outer loop you can see slow on the right side of the screen. now with the local news here's charley crowson. >> a helmet to helmet on the field is being blamed for the death of a frostburg football player e was beginning his senior year and his teacher describe him as an excellent student who made great grades with logging so much time as player. nfl cracked down on helmet to helmet hits because of the danger it presents to players. when the bobcats plate first game this weekend they will wear helmet decals and arm band in memory of the lost tea maim. to facebook with the updates on power outage throughout baltimore as bge
8:29 am
continues to work on that. back to new york for more of "good morning america" have a great day.
8:30 am
[ playing the theme to "dancing with the stars" ] [ cheers and applause ] >> everyone down here knows exactly what that music means, "dancing with the stars" is almost back. just the other night we learned who the celebrities will be and have another big announcement coming up this morning. great toto have elizabeth here. >> nice to be here especially with theheig announcement. we'll announce the pairings, who the pros are going to be dancing with. our brand-new "dancing with the stars" contestants, we revealed them yesterday getting their competitive juices flowing. should we begin? >> not quite yet. i gugus we are going to begin. >> carson kressley will be here
8:31 am
in just a few moments. you're just practicing. >> so hard. >> so far so good. >> samba and cha-cha medley. >> all right. we gave it away. >> also coming up, you guys, mary kay and the avon lady have a little competition. guys are getting into the act now. tell you how you can be making money at home by firing upour grill. the mancave party is what it's called. you'll love this one. >> from the mancave to a camel, yeah. take a look. there he -- well, he or she is. >> i'll be climbing aboard that sucker in a couple of minutes. >> could be. >> we have no idea. ♪ born to be wild >> yeah. i think i may -- >> i think -- >> you're worse than i am. >> the exclusive announcement on
8:32 am
"dancing with the stars," everyone, ready. hear it right now for the first time and the first pairing we have david arquette, you saw him on the show yesterday, he is going to be with kym johnson who was paired with hines ward this past season. >> talk show host ricki lake will be dancing with three-time champ derek hough. lucky. lucky. >> nancy grace, tv host and journalist is dancing with tristan mcmanus, ladies and gentlemen, making his "dancing with the stars" debut as one of our pros. he looks good. >> activist paired with lacey schwimmer. back for her fifth season. >> hope solo will -- world cup star hope solo is dancing with our friend maksim chmerkovskiy. >> that's going to be a tough one. >> maks is always good. you saw them a minute ago,
8:33 am
carson kressley and his new partner, anna trebunskaya. [ cheers and applause ] >> let's make some noise. come on. anna is in the house. >> you guys just met. >> we did. >> how does it feel. >> five minute s ago and it wasn't on the internet. it's good. i've been super nervous about it. i'm a big fan with "dancing with the stars." i've been to the show many times. i'm a big fan of anna's but when they call you and said you want to do it, i guess. you have to know how to dance. so she's going to teach me and i'm going to be amazing. >> that's it. >> do you have any skills? are there any moves you're hiding from us? >> not right now. but i'm sure -- >> cha-cha. >> i was cha-cha'ing and sambaing and had the latin kind of thing. >> i feel that. i do. >> i've dated a lot of latinas.
8:34 am
>> we saw this, you're going to kick thnancy's butt. >> i said i would kick her butt. i already did at "jebt jeopardy." >> who do you think is your biggest competition aside from nance? >> anna and i were talking about that, i'm always scared of the athletes. i have flashbacks to the fifth grade. we want you on our team and we'll take the girl with the walker but not you, carson, so the athletes scare me. i think hope solo and she's d l dancing with maksim. we might have to sabotage them. >> the good thing about carson, he's a style guru. he gets to do the costumes. >> our costumes are going to be amazing. i'm not going to lie. we were talking about earlier, what do you think the equation is. how important are costumes? >> how many points do you get. >> she was like it was like 40%.
8:35 am
we're winning. you know, come on. >> are you going to be like so many we've seen in the past and trajz form your body? >> i hope so. i mean -- >> you will. you absolutely will. >> maybe like -- >> come on. >> we're already pretty -- i could use a little like ab -- >> do you have any idea what you're in for. >> no -- actually i do because i've watched the show for so many seasons and seen all the back story, i know you have to work incredibly hard and i was telling anna, i was like, i have two left feet and one of them has a bunion, but i'm -- if we have to practice eight hours to be good i want to practice like 20 hours so we're going to be like inseparable. >> and this is your chance. anybody you want to give a thinly veiled threat to? >> no, we're -- you know, i think our talent will speak for ourself and we'll be classy and dignified. we pete give some people some
8:36 am
unwanted makeovers. like we can check people out. before they go on, you're going to wear that maybe someone like hope solo. >> mind games. >> i think you're getting votes already. >> tweet us, vote for us. we need you. >> the first pairing. we have six more on our website. you can get all the rest. >> thanks. >> i am so, so looking forward to this. i am so looking forward to seeing you out there. how long -- so long have i known you. >> years. >> i cannot -- >> i knew dancing was in him. i knew it. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. we'll start with your twitter and facebook pictures. murfreesboro, tennessee, one of my favorites because whenever you get that gorgeous glow in the sky, that perfect blue sky you get this time of year, august into september, beautiful blue and all the colors around it, as well. we are still getting pictures from folks who have got damage from irene, as well. here's the heat across the nation today. you can see it's really focused
8:37 am
into the deep south. look at it makes its move north. bringing that heat all the way up toward milwaukee over the next couple of days and cool on the west coast. it's that ocean influence cooling things down. portland, 69 degrees as w wl but still hot in vegas. always hot in vegas at 100 degrees. >> all that weather was brought to you by usaa. lara spencer? >> we have a good one coming up. move overermary kay. the boys are coming to town. no doorbell needed. knock, knock.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
there are times when mixing business with pleasure is a good idea. and a lucrative one. it is called social selling or direct sales where you sell products to people you know. not only have the products changed but the people doing the buying and selling have too. just take a look. what do these ladies --
8:41 am
>> i will show you this cake saver. >> reporter: -- and these guys have in common? the answer, they both discovered an easy way to make some cold hard cash. that's right, the social selling phenomenon of the tupperware party is back with a twist, welcome to the mancave. the pearls and heels replaced by shorts and flip-flops. >> pretty good. huh? >> reporter: meet andy sullivan, andy works for mancave, a company that markets and sells meat and grilling products. he gets a 25% commission on all of his sales. >> fabulous. i make about $500 extra a month. it's actually good. it helps us with day care and that sort of thing. >> reporter: mancave's revents feel more like tailgate events than trunk shows. male bonding meets mary kay. >> something low key and wife
8:42 am
approved. >> reporter: wives are even allowed to enter the mancave. >> you have recipes? >> reporter: in case things get too girlie they recite the man laws just like the ten commandments only for alpha males. >> if a man leaves his chair for a refill, his chair is not to be touched or cleaned by anyone. >> reporter: mancave has already topped $1 million in sales. but it's still women who dominate social selling. stella & dot is a company that sells its own line of jewelry and accessories. they're more wine and cheese affairs. these ladies don't need any coaxing. they get right down to business. >> i love the purple ones with the autumnal colors. >> reporter: chrissy blends in with all the other ladies. >> this is beautiful. >> reporter: but she's also on a mission. last year chrissy sold over $100,000 worth of jewelry pocketing 30% in commissions. >> we take credit card, amex. >> reporter: she says job the
8:43 am
>> i scale back in the summer. there can be a month where i would do ten parties then there is a month where i only do two. the great thing about ago successries you sort of need friends with you to tell you what looks good and very fun to sell in this environment. >> reporter: whether it's guys or gals, burgers or baubles these are parties with a purpose. and "gma" contributor workplace contributor tory johnson's ceo of women for hire joins us now and these all look like a lot of fun, these parties but it's a job. >> it's work. it's definitely work. there are a lot of types that people if they're trying to recruit you will say it's not selling but sharing stuff you love with people you like. don't be fooled. there is a reason why stel stella & dot is tracking to do $200 million in sales, down what they did last year, not because their reps are sitting around sipping wine. they are selling for sure. if you won't be comfortable to make a cold call, scheduling a party. really, you know, chatting up
8:44 am
your wares, this may not be for you. >> you're wearing one of stella & dot's necklaces. what's the best way to choose a company? >> something that mirrors your personal and your lifestyle. if you are a vegetarian clearly mancave is not going to be the right company for you. chrissy, who we saw the stylist from stella & dot wears the stuff all the time. an ideal customer who makes her an ideal stylist. there are hundreds of companies and dozens of categories to choose from so something that's really personal to you is critical. >> chrissy who is obviously a success story is making a lot of money but how much realistically can a person expect to make doing these direct sales. >> so time and effort in is going to determine money out. and what's really critical is that you decide what works for you. the median income in direct sales is $2,400 a year. that's a couple hundred dollars a year for somebody, phenomenal. the difference of paying or not paying a bill.
8:45 am
if you want to rake in the big bucks, big time in your schedule. there is a flexibility to ramp up or down as time warrants and bills warrant as well. >> if you're ready to make that time commitment and make that investment and pick up -- make those phone call, how do you get into business? what do you have to put down first in order to get into the game? >> sure, expect to pay for a starter kit and there are a couple key things to think about. with stella & dot a starter kit is $199 but not only do you get all the supplies you need to get started but $350 worth of jewelry. make sure that the value exceeds what you're paying and you want to make sure that there is a return policy. with stella & dot you have up to one year to return your starter kit for up to 90% of a refund if it's all in new usable condition so the legitimate question to ask is, is there a return policy? what is it before i get started. >> in these ececomic times this is a really attractive option to get extra cash, tory. >> i'm thinking side job. >> i like that necklace. >> thank you.
8:46 am
>> i'll come to your party. >> you can go to our website at enthere see tory's exclusive video with ten ways to make money at home. they don't include a camel, folks. i don't know why we're showing that except that josh is going to ride it. in just a few moments. ñwñ[=
8:47 am
8:48 am
world class explorer, no, not ted. we'll mete in a moment but richard wiese and climbed mt. kilimanjaro when he was 11 and he on most abc stations starting this saturday, will be hosting a new show called "born to explore" so let's watch one bit from it as richard is down under exploring the glorious world of camel racing. >> reporter: these are far more than what you might think your typical camel. they're fast, they're fierce and are deceivingly remarkable racers.
8:49 am
welcome to australia's annual camel cup. that's right. camel cup. these guys and girls can run up to 65 miles an hour created in the '70s as an unusual way to settle a bet between friends, camel racing has grown ever popular in the outback. and extreme adventurer richard wiese wanted to see just what it takes to race these camels. but first got a lesson from natalie here who hopes to one day be a cameling racing pioneer. >> what's the deal when we start galloping. >> stand up off the seat a little bit so we don't get thrown away and give them as much as they can have. >> reporter: now to put those tips to the test. >> aaagh. >> whoo-hoo. go, go.
8:50 am
>> good job. >> that was a great feeling, huh? >> unbelievable stuff. look who joins us now again hosting on most abc affiliates, richard wiese, "born to explore," this is ted, richard. tell us more about this journey down under. it looks incredible. >> that was in the northern territory of australia which is an incredible place. not only do you have the largest population of wild camel but also have the longest indigenous people in the world,he aboriginal people in the northern territory of australia for 60,000 years, so not only o you have beautiful scenery and camels and have spectacular people and it's unbelievable. >> it's an unforgiving physical landscape. >> yes, it is. >> while these animals are not native, they've done well there. why so adaptable for a place like australia? >> it's a harsh desert environment and because they don't have some of the normal diseases they might in the middle east they've done well. they're high off the ground,, keeps the heat off them. wide paws which allow them to
8:51 am
walk in the sand. they're able to eat just about anything. >> you're also going to canada, this not a dinosaur but in search of something very similar. >> unbelievable. we were in alberta, canada, on the largest -- what they think is the largest dinosaur find ever. you think typically of fossils and dinosaurs in mongolia or patagonia but when we were there there were literally dinosaur bones everywhere at our feet. it was hard not to step on them. dan aykroyd was there. bobby kennedy, greg fubeler. it was fun not just with the dinosaurs. >> if they bring them out -- i'm a brave man. >> i'm going to help you out. >> ready? all right. here we go. people, it was really good knowing you. >> grab up there. come on. >> other foot. >> oh, you want me to be facing that way. >> right here.
8:52 am
♪ looking for adventure >> this is terrible. this is terrible. when i'm racing, what am i looking to do? i saw you kind of getting up in the saddle. >> i'm not a racer but when you're up there doesn't it feel like you could feel the curve of the earth. >> yes, yes, i can. hello, new jersey. this is really jarring. so ted is actually -- ted is a beautiful animal. >> a beautifif animal. the reason -- >> the reason he's so well behaved has to do with his keeper. typically you've ridden camels in egypt. if they're handled by a lot of people they tend to be a little more aggressive. ted is just a wonderful animal. you know, they live up to 45 years old. they have beautiful hair, camel hair and they're incredibly adaptiveve animals. >> it's saturday mornings, it's most abc affiliates, the show "born to explore" hosted by this
8:53 am
man, richard wiese. i'm overcoming my fear of camels, heights and fear itself. we'll be back. thanks. [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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>> i love that. >> sitting on a camel. >> good job. >> although here's the thing, i was fearing for my life so -- >> oh! >> elizabeth, don't bother ted. >> you have to stay with ted. >> thanks for coming today. thank you for watching. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
8:57 am
accurate by weatherate. good morning. minutes before 9. want to talk about tropics right now. last day of august going into september, check out climatology for the month of september, most active tropical month of the season and you will see the orange shadeings where most of the activity develops and spreads. we have a system out here that has a lot hype behind it because of what happened with irene. and latest projections on katia a healthy tropical system out there in atlantic. closer to africa than the caribbean islands and 2800 miles from florida. it's a tropical storm with 65- mile-per-hour sustained winds. and we are going to track this. it will develop. it's in an environment and has warm waters and light winds and will very well go with a category three status over the weekend. the track will follow climatology as eat appears and probably curve north of the island and closer to bermuda and the u.s. coastline and i
8:58 am
say that because there's something else to track towards the caribbean. and make the gulf of mexico could get lee and spread our way next week. that's probably more of a focus and we will spend sometime online doing that. basically satellite shows clear skies and high pressure in control. wide screen shows showers northwest ohio and indiana. a gorgeous day. 64 last check at bwi. matching the number in ocean city and uniform conditions across the board. if you liked monday and tuesday, you will love today. beautiful 84. tonight clear skies and light wind from the southeast. could develop fog inland and low 80s and more clouds tomorrow afternoon and into the end of the week. and unfortunately a good chance of rain over the holiday weekend. have a great day. day. day. day. day. day. day. day.
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